Quality development of knowledge in the continually evolving information technology arena requires focusing on individual activities, which is why the companies FMC and Miška decided to combine their know-how after several years of partnership, forming the FMC Group, which now consists of independent companies and a holding company. The FMC Group pursues the objective of satisfying the diverse needs of its customers as effectively as possible. Knowledge, development, an efficient organisation, a partnership mentality and cost-effectiveness are the basis for satisfied customers and successful cooperation of all Group companies.

In order to achieve an integrated market presence, FMC d.o.o. merged with Miška d.o.o. in 2007 to form the holding company Skupina FMC (FMC Group).

The FMC Group consists of independent companies that specialise in various activities and together deliver a comprehensive ICT offer in one place:

We currently employ over 50 people and enjoy the trust of over 4,500 customers both in Slovenia and in the other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Our Beginnings Date Far Back to the Year 1991...

1991 – Miška d.o.o. is founded.
1998 – FMC d.o.o. is founded.
2002 – Both companies move to new shared offices.
2002 – We acquire the ISO 9001 certificate for all processes in the company.
2003 – We sign a contract with Actual I.T., d.o.o.
2004 – Large revenue growth.
2005 – Share repurchase.
2006 – Acquisition of new agencies; entry to the retail market.
2007 – Merger of FMC d.o.o. and Miška d.o.o.
2007 – Establishment of the FMC Group.
2007 – Opening of the Apple iStore with the Apple Reseller status.
2008 – Development of the service portfolio, opening of the Sony Center store in Citypark, Ljubljana; building the first broadband network starts.
2009 – Construction of the Complete-Datacenter.si data centre according to national, EU and NATO standards.
2010 – Acquisition of the ISO 9001:2008 standard; the project of building the Komen Municipality’s broadband network is successfully completed; development of a roadmap for comprehensive strategic development in the future.
2011 – Opening of the new Apple  iStore with the Apple Premium Reseller status.
2011 – Acquisition of a second project of building a broadband network – South Primorska.
2012 – Successful completion of the two-year project of building a broadband fibre-optic network in South Primorska.
2012 – Acquisition of a contract for the maintenance of public administration infrastructure.
2013 – Acquisition of the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate.
2014 – Start of marketing of the telecommunications equipment segment on national and international markets and the acquisition of a 100% stake in TISOS, telekomunikacije d.o.o.

We have so far concluded numerous partnerships with the biggest domestic and foreign companies: Dell, Apple, Microsoft, EMC, VMware, Xerox, Promethean, Citrix, HP, Sophos, Systematic, Lenovo and many others.